wha will be the overall cutoff score this time

wha will be the overall cutoff score this time



4 Answers

Souradeep Majumder
80 Points
11 years ago

IT IS AROUND 210............

utkarsh arora
17 Points
11 years ago

Hi ,i'm utkrsh , currntly doing from iit delhi.

 Chem. sexn resembled more like the 2009 paper which was easy-medium, (not so easy to score that many people would be able to very high scores). surely getting 120's for top ranking student seems idealistic. for physics ,  it was logical , less hectic to solve & scoring. so u will see many getting 120's , 130's. Now for the ct-offs, i beleive :

cutoff for 8000 rank (Gen.) would be around  175-180. I expect the cut-offs  to be very close to the previous year.

Areeb Usmani
18 Points
11 years ago

around 170

Ekansh Sharma
15 Points
11 years ago

I expect the cut off to similar or lesser then last year's cut off . Physics was tough , mathematics was lengthy

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