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manas pawar Grade: 12
        I belong to SC category....I want admission in comp science in IIT bombay...what minimum marks should i score??if i want comp sci in any other IIT then how much minimum marks??would u suggest a particular study pattern for that??
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskIITians Expert Hari Shankar IITD
17 Points


   I am not sure about SC category. But in general category, you should have AIR 1-60 for a more or less confirmed admission to any of the top IITs (D,B,K,M,Kgp). And in my opinion IITD has the best CS department.

Not beating around the bush, you have to be truly exceptional to be in CS. Since you are in SC category, maybe upto general rank 250 will also get you a seat in CS. Rank is what matters, not marks. Marks depends on the difficulty level of the paper, which keeps changing every year.


8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


In iitb, the opening and closing ranks were 2 and 12 for SC category. in other iit's the ranks cn go upto 112. as the total marks and pattern of paper keeps on changing, so i guess you should concentrate more on rank rather than marks.
regarding your study pattern, just focus on clearing your basics and understand each and every concept thoroughly. practice as much problem as you can.

Course planning is essential in the sense ,that it can get you at the top in rank list.This planning should be done by the student in 11th class itself . From this year, a screening test is being conducted and so proper planning becomes all the more important.Have a look at all the topics and shortlist topics,and months wherein you plan to complete them.Finishing syllabus atleast a month before the exam is essential.The summer vacations in 12th class are the best time to finish a huge lot of syllabus.I can suggest the following course plan for students in 11th class.

JUNE TO OCTOBER : Mathematical concepts used in Physics, Basic mechanics, stoichiometry, general chemistry----atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table, algebra---number theory, quadratic equations, progressions.

OCTOBER TO JANUARY :Complete Mechanics, waves, Physical Chemistry--equilibrium, heat, kinetics, thermochemistry, electrolysis, algebra -----induction, complex numbers, trignometry.

JANUARY TO MAY : Heat, fluid mechanics, gravitation, Inorganic chemistry---properties and metallurgy of metals and non metals, gas laws, analytic geometry, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem.

MAY TO AUGUST : Electrostatics and electricity, electrochemistry, solutions, solids, qualitative analysis, transition metals, differentiation and integration.

AUGUST TO NOVEMBER : magnetism, optics, modern physics, organic chemistry, differential equations, probability, vectors.


By following this plan,course will be finished in time and revision can also done,to ensure maximum success in JEE.To maximize your potential you have to planned .My next topic tells you about certain important topics to which special interest should be given.

8 years ago
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