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i m gtting prduction & engg. at IITR & getting Electronics & comm. at NIT kurushetra whre to go????

i m gtting prduction & engg. at IITR & getting Electronics & comm. at NIT kurushetra whre to go????

Grade:Upto college level

2 Answers

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
11 years ago


Production and industrial from IIT R woul be a better choice than ECE from NIT Kurukshetra. IIT R is a much better institute than NIT Kurukshetra and moreover it's an IIT.

If u r concerned about the scope of Production and industrial engg. then do not worry, IIT graduates from this stream are well placed and finely paid. Production & Industrial Engineers aim at higher productivity by adopting integrated design, and efficient planning and operative systems. The work involves the design and installation of integrated systems for men and materials, equipment and processes for increasing the productivity of goods, and detailing the optimum quality, which is economically viable. These engineers are concerned with planning, measuring and controlling all activities within the organization, besides designing the production process for a product.

Salaries and workforce statistics

The total number of engineers employed in the U.S. in 2006 was roughly 1.5 million. Of these, 201,000 were industrial engineers (13.3%), the third most popular engineering specialty. The average starting salaries being $55,067 with a bachelor's degree, $64,759 with a master's degree, and $77,364 with a doctorate degree. This places industrial engineering at 7th of 15 among engineering bachelors degrees, 3rd of 10 among masters degrees, and 2nd of 7 among doctorate degrees in average annual salary.The median annual income of industrial engineers in the U.S. workforce is $68,620.

Typically, within a few years after graduation, industrial engineers move to management positions because their work is closely related to management.

Navlesh Kumar
8 Points
11 years ago

hello i m navlesh i get E1072 rank in jee2009. Can i get rgipt?

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