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sir plz tell me that which to be preffred in iit - campus or branch

sir plz tell me that which to be preffred in iit - campus or branch

Grade:Upto college level

1 Answers

AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
9 Points
12 years ago

both of these thing are important . but if you are getting a good branch like electrical or computers in any of the iit then go for it.

if you are getting iit-delhi, bombay or chennai is very good option, it will provide you for not only development of your acadamic skills but also help you to complete development of your personality .

All of the IITs provide a good pakage for job. But generally, IIT delhi, bombay and chennai get a good placement pakages. IIT Kanpur is also a good option.

branch is a very important thing and try to take branch in which you a a good interest.

electrical, computers , mechanical, civil have a very good scope in present  day. chemical is also a option.

if you are thinking about biotech or engg physics, then it will be a good option only if you are aiming for higher education.

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