branches good for research

branches good for research 


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askIITians Faculty 747 Points
8 years ago
For computer science, one major area relates to data mining and associated algorithms. The algorithms for data mining are a hot topic of research and the reasoning is that nowadays there is a tonne of data, but not enough expertise to analyze and make sense of it. Because of the many kinds of data in terms of structure and type, and because of the varied applications and domains for the data, if you couple this with the complexity and difficulty of finding patterns in the data, then you begin to see the kinds of problems and opportunities this presents for researchers. Data is becoming a new kind of currency where having the right data to get the right information is something that helps the end means of the investigator whether they are a fortune 500 company, scientific inquirer (like a university), government department, insurance company or bank, or otherwise. Because of the diversity and the complexity of not only extracting good information to use, but to also take into account the subtleties of the specific domains, data mining presents lots of challenges and thus opportunities.
Prajwal Kavad
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8 years ago
Biotech,production , manufacturing, life science , metallurgy,instrumentation etc.. are good brances for reaseach
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