i think i ll b getting BIOINFORMATICS & BIO MEDICAL ......@ VIT ........which should i prefer?

i think i ll b getting BIOINFORMATICS & BIO MEDICAL ......@ VIT ........which should i prefer?


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Sumreet Johar State University of New York,Stony Brook, USA
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9 years ago

It depends on your interest. Both the fields look promising. So, choose as per your interest. Summary of the fields & their prospects are highlighted as below:

Bioiformatics is an interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. As an interdisciplinary field of science, bioinformatics combines computer science, statistics, mathematics and engineering to study and process biological data.

Bioinformatics has a profound impact in the fields as varied as the health, agriculture and the environment besides the energy and biotechnology. It also has impact in the biomedical research and development. The field of bioinformatics is also used, in molecular medicines to produce better, and more customized medicines for preventing diseases. Besides, it has the environmental benefits also in identifying the waste cleanup bacteria. It is used in the field of agriculture for producing the high yield and low maintenance crops as well. These are only a few of many benefits that the huge field of bioinformatics can offer.

Biomedical engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic). This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine: It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to advance healthcare treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy. job opportunities are most commonly found in fields such as cellular, tissue, genetic, clinical, and rehabilitation engineering. Additionally, there are opportunities within the fields of bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, drug design and delivery, medical imaging, orthopedic surgery, pharmaceuticals, and systems physiology.

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