sir what is the scope of with future prospective what does this course consists of ............ and its cutoffs

sir what is the scope of with future prospective

what does this course consists of ............ and its cutoffs

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Dear Viraat

This integrated design programme focuses on enhancing analytical and methodical approaches in creative problem solving covering the fields of Industrial Design – which includes products and product systems, and Communication Design – which includes all written, symbolic and visual information and materials.The curriculum covers the subject domains influencing Design, including Technology, Human Factors Engineering, Aesthetics and Social Sciences. The industrial designer is concerned with the design and innovation of new products through an understanding of how people use products, how industry manufactures them, and with their appearance, functionality, usability and safety. Designers are trained to work in the areas of Graphic Design, Information Design, New Media, Interaction Design,
Instruction Design, Exhibition Design, etc.In the emerging competitive business environment, this new
profession offers tremendous opportunities for professional work in various industries in the country and abroad. This program is recommended for candidates with flair for creative work and possessing aesthetics sensibilities.During the first year of the four-year B.Des. Programme, the students develop their visualization and conceptualization skills and master the basics of design and model building. In the
next two years, the program focuses on user-centric considerations in design where they further develop their knowledge of the various aspects of technology, materials,human factors, and methods of problem solving. Computer application in design is an important thrust area in the program. Various projects undertaken give the student hands-on experience of ‘learning by doing’. During the final year, students undertake courses in the professional practice and management of design, alongside a major design project. To give them real life experience of working in a professional environment, the students are encouraged to take projects  that meet requirements of industry or design firms. At the end of every academic year they are encouraged to undertake industrial training at different industries and design firms.Design Graduates today have ample opportunities to work amongst leading industries that have their own design departments or to pursue higher studies in the fields of Design, Usability, Human Factors and Design Management.Product designers are placed in design departments amongst the leading companies that include automobile manufactures, the computer industry, the furniture industry, and consumer product industries. In the field of Communication Design,opportunities exist for designers to work in IT related areas of web design, information design, interaction design, and also in Consulting Design Firms engaged in the areas of packaging design, corporate identity design, exhibition design
and print media design. A majority of students who have graduated from the program in the previous years have opted for higher studies in design in leading universities abroad while the others have joined
leading Indian industries. The importance of the profession got recognition in the country when Corporate India instituted the first national design award, ‘Business World-NID Award for Design
Excellence’ in June 2004.


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