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why is a high frequency alternating voltage is applied to the dees in working of cyclotron?

why is a high frequency alternating voltage is applied to the dees in working of cyclotron?


1 Answers

Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 181 Points
6 years ago
If the particles' speed was constant, they would travel in a circular path within the dees under the influence of the magnetic field. However aradio frequency(RF) alternating voltage of several thousandvoltsis applied between the dees. The frequency is set so that the particles make one circuit during a single cycle of the voltage. Each time after the particles pass to the other dee electrode the polarity of the RF voltage reverses. Therefore each time the particles cross the gap from one dee electrode to the other, theelectric fieldis in the correct direction to accelerate them. The particles' increasing speed due to these pushes causes them to move in a larger radius circle with each rotation, so the particles move in aspiral path outward from the center to the rim of the dees. When they reach the rim the particles exit the dees through a small gap between them, and hit a target located at the exit point at the rim of the chamber, or leave the cyclotron through an evacuated beam tube to hit a remote target, various materials may be used for the target, and thenuclear reactionsdue to the collisions will create secondary particles which may be guided outside of the cyclotron and into instruments for analysis.

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