whatare the types of Energy losses in a transformer

whatare the types of Energy losses in a transformer


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Saurabh Kumar
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8 years ago
As the electrical transformer is a static device, mechanical loss in transformer normally does not come into picture. We generally consider only electrical losses in transformer. Loss in any machine is broadly defined as difference between input power and output power. When input power is supplied to the primary of transformer, some portion of that power is used to compensate core losses in transformer i.e. Hysteresis loss in transformer and Eddy current loss in transformer core and some portion of the input power is lost as I2R loss and dissipated as heat in the primary and secondary windings, because these windings have some internal resistance in them. The first one is called core loss or iron loss in transformer and the later is known as ohmic loss or copper loss in transformer. Another loss occurs in transformer, known as Stray Loss, due to Stray fluxes link with the mechanical structure and winding conductors.

Copper Loss in TransformerCopper loss is I2R loss, in primary side it is I12R1 and in secondary side it is I22R2 loss, where I1 & I2 are primary & secondary current of transformer and R1 & R2 are resistances of primary & secondary winding. As the both primary & secondary currents depend upon load of transformer, copper loss in transformer vary with load.Core Losses in TransformerHysteresis loss and eddy current loss, both depend upon magnetic properties of the materials used to construct the core of transformer and its design. So these losses in transformer are fixed and do not depend upon the load current. So core losses in transformer which is alternatively known as iron loss in transformer can be considered as constant for all range of load.

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