What will be the new poles of magnet if it is broken

What will be the new poles of magnet if it is broken


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5 years ago
If you break a magnet in two, you end up with two smaller magnets.
The strength of a magnet is related to its size.  So, the two smaller magnets will be weaker than the one original magnet.  However, the relationship may not be linear. So a needle shaped magnet may be weaker than a coin shaped magnet of equal mass.
Thus, the sum of your two broken magnets may in fact be stronger than the original
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5 years ago
when a magnet is broken its lead to two magnet having both south and north poles.
Soma Mesh
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5 years ago
If you broke the bar magnet into two pieces then it will have two poles. Because there exist no singly poles like N-N and S-S and will not exist in further days.
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5 years ago
If u break a magnet in two parts a new magnet will be formed with N S poles.
As magnetic monopoles do not exist a magnet can never have an isolated pole.
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