what is the time period for vibrational galvanometer?

what is the time period for vibrational galvanometer?


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jyoti bhatia
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5 years ago
vibration galvanometer is a type of mirror galvanometer, usually with a coil suspended in the gap of a magnet or with a permanent magnet suspended in the field of an electromagnet. The natural oscillation frequency of the moving parts is carefully tuned to a specific frequency; commonly 50 or 60 Hz. Higher frequencies up to 1 kHz are possible. Since the frequency depends on the mass of the moving elements, high frequency vibration galvanometers are very small with light coils and mirrors. The tuning of the vibration galvanometer is done by adjusting the tension of the suspension spring.The magnets are conveniently constructed as a single iron 'comb' of individual reeds, each of different length. Their range is typically from around 45-55 Hz (for a 50 Hz base frequency), with around 2 Hz resolution between each. As it is the identity of the vibrating reed (and thus frequency) that is of interest, rather than its amplitude, these are not calibrated. 

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