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What is the importance of Oersted’s experiment explain me...thanks in advance

What is the importance of Oersted’s experiment explain me...thanks in advance


2 Answers

400 Points
5 years ago
According to Oersted’s experiment the magnetic field is associated with electric current flowing in a conductor. He also noted that the alignment of magnetic needle is tangential to a circle drawn by taking conductor as centre and has its plane perpendicular to the conductor. This observation led to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.
29 Points
3 years ago
Oersted noticed a deflection in magnetic needle when a current carrying wire is placed near it.His scientific tempermant towards that phenomenon then started.He connected a current carrying source to a wire with a magnetic needle beside it so that it can experience the field when current passes through the wire ie switch is closed.He then found that alignment of needle is tangential Ronan imaginary circle which has straight wire at its centre and had its plane perpendicular to the there is an important assumption of neglecting earth s magnetic field.It is noticable when current is large needle shows a deflection towards the wire closely.when direction of current is reversed magnetic field direction is reversed.this concludes moving charge produce magnetic field.

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