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What are the similarities and differences of Electric and Magnetic fields?

What are the similarities and differences of Electric and Magnetic fields? 


2 Answers

25763 Points
2 years ago
Electrical fields have there origine in electrical charges, and in changing magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields are generated around moving charges, or more generally speaking whenever there is a changing electrical field.

Magnetic and electrical fields relate strongly with one another, so you mostly find them in compound; even in electromagnetic waves, where they perpetuate each other
3007 Points
2 years ago
Electric field is produced by a charge whether at rest or in motionBut magnetic field is produced only by a moving charge   The total magnetic flux through any closed surface is always zero, but the total electric flux through any closed surface is equal to the net charge enclosed by the surface multiplied by the reciprocal of absolute permitivity Electric field lines are discontinuous as they have a starting point (+ charge) and an ending point (- charge); But magnetic field lines are continuous, they always form closed loops

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