Similarity between magnetic and electric circuit?

Similarity between magnetic and electric circuit?


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Mukesh Sharma
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9 years ago
similarity between magnetic and electric circuit
  • 1-Magnetic circuit follows equation (4) that is Ni = (?) ( l / µA) or m.m.f(magneto motive force) = (Flux) (reluctance).

Electric circuit follows ohm’s law that is E = I.R or e.m.f(electro motive force) = (current) (Resistance)

  • 2-From above point m.m.f in magnetic circuit is like as e.m.f in electrical circuit.
  • 3-Flux in magnetic circuit is similar as current in electrical circuit.
  • 4-Reluctance in magnetic circuit, S = ( l / µA) is similar to resistance R = (?l/A) in electric circuit.
  • 5-Permeance (= 1/reluctance) in magnetic circuit is equivalent to conductance (=1/resistance) in electric circuit.
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