please see the image......

please see the image......

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Abhishek Kumar
askIITians Faculty 255 Points
7 years ago
Force on the two horizontal part of the bend acts in the -Y direction.
Since the force on the two bends is in the same direction, we don’t need to specifically know the separate lengths. The formula is,
If we let the first bend of length X, then rest horizontal bend is (0.6-X)
F1= BIX + BI(0.6-X) = BIL
So, F1=0.240*4.5*0.6 = 0.648 N in -Y direction.
For the vertical bend,
F2 = 0.240*4.5*0.3 = 0.324 N in X- direction.
So, Net Force = sqrt(F12 + F22) = 0.724 N
Angle = tan inverse(0.648/0.324) = 63.4 degree below x- axis

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