pl. explain light theory and wave theory

pl. explain light theory and wave theory


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first of all the light theory
quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Alongside Max Planck's work on quanta of heat Einstein proposed one of the most shocking idea in twentieth century physics: we live in a quantum universe, one built out of tiny, discrete chunks of energy and matter.
on the further basis we got that Newton also used the publication of Opticks to defend his stance on diffraction, in order to do so he had to appeal to wave-like properties and argued that particles of light create waves in the aether.
second of all the wave theory
the theory proposed by Huygens that light is transmitted by waves the then Schrodinger contributed a lt after Huygens this theory is  called undulatory theory Waves transfer energy from one point to another without transferring matter. They consist of disturbances which transfer the energy in the direction the wave

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