classification of transformers ?

classification of transformers ?


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Based on the design of transformers that is the manner in which the primary and secondary coils are provided around the laminated steel core.

1. Core-Type Transformer

2. Shell-Type Transformer

In core-type construction, primary and secondary windings will be placed around the core. In other words the core is like a hollow square around the centre. The shell-core is the most efficient type and quite popular. The E and I shaped sections are butted to form laminations.

Based on the turns in a transformer they are classified as

1. step-up transformer

2. step-down transformer.

Step-up transformer has more turns in secondary coil than primary coil and the p.d leaving sec coil is greater than primary coil. In step down transformer, the fewer turns in secondary coil than primary coil generates p.d less in secondary coil than primary coil

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The Transformer is basically a very simple device. It mainly consists of a core, windings and insulations. The windings are wound over the laminated magnetic core. These windings are insulated from the core and from each other. With regards to the application transformers can be classified as follows 1. Step up transformer These transformers raise the input voltage to a higher voltage level. 2. Step down transformer These transformers reduce the input voltage to a lower voltage level. Transformer is a reversible device. Therefore each transformer can be used as both step up and step down transformer. For example, if we supply a low voltage (within the LV rating) to the low voltage terminal, we will be getting the stepped up voltage at the high voltage terminals and if we supply a high voltage (within the HV rating) to the high voltage terminal, we will be getting the stepped down voltage at the low voltage terminals. Transformer can also be classified based on the type of construction used. There are two types of cores namely core type and shell type. Depending upon the type of core used transformers can be classified into two categories as: core type transformers shell type transformers

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