can we pass electricity through magnet

can we pass electricity through magnet


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mannam kiran kumar
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10 years ago

yes we can passed.

saisandeep Mattaparthi
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10 years ago
you usually don''t run a current directly through a magnet to magnetize it(what would be the direction of magnetization if you did this?) they usually use solenoids with thick wire and high pulse current for rare earth magnets. if u ran a current through a magnet you would likely lose strength as the induced magnetic field would be in the opposite direction to the magnets polarization for at least half of the space, maybe you won''t lose all, but a fair bit, depending on the type of magnet it is(bonded, sintered etc).
 so being magnetic  it will not effect its ability to conduct we can do it.............
upender surepally
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10 years ago

yes.Because of following reason

A magnet of the usual kind (non-electro magnet), is, to put it simple, a piece of metal. Usually made out of iron. The difference between a regular piece of iron is that the iron molecules inside a magnet has been aligned so that poles (+ & -) are created.This means that if you run electricity through a regular magnet, absolutely nothing will happen apart from that; electricity running through.When a current is run radially( from center to the edge of one pole) through a strong neodymium disc magnet, it is possible to make a homopolar motor.

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