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Grade: 12
        A square coil of edge l having n turns carries a current i. It is kept on a smooth horizontal plate. A ujiform magnetic field B exists in a direction parrallel to an edge. The total mass of the coil is M. What should be the minimum value of B for which the coil will start tipping over? What is meant by tipping over?
10 years ago

Answers : (2)

umesh chandrakant shah
36 Points

can anybody help me solving my problem?


10 years ago
vikash chandola
21 Points

hello umesh

magnetic field will apply force on only those sides where current is perpendicular to the sides so force will only act on 2 sides of the square

by knowledge of rotational motin find out the torque acting on the sides of the square about which magnetic field is not parlell now consider the rest state of coil now find out the torque applied by earth's  gravitational field.

when the torque due to the magnetic field and gravitational field became equal coil will start tipping.

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9 years ago
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