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Grade: 12
        a particle of mass  m, accelerated by a potential differece V flies through a uniform transverse magnetic field B. The magnetic field is spread in the thickness d. calculate the angle through which particle will deviate from the initial direction of motion.
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

 hi ,

 velocity of particle  v = ( 2*q*V/m) 1/2

& radius of path , r = m*v /q*B

if d > r 

     than particl will cover one half circle & will leave at 180  angle deviated from initial

if  d= r

      than particl will cover one fourth of circle & will leave at 90  angle deviated from initial

 if   d < r

than  it will deviat  an angle of  sin^ -1 (d/r)


10 years ago
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