How can we determine where to use Fleming's Right Hand rule and where to used Fleming's Left Hand Rule

How can we determine where to use Fleming's Right Hand rule and where to used Fleming's Left Hand Rule


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13 years ago

Dear nitin,

Fleming's left hand rule shows the direction of  force applied on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field. After Oersted's discovery of electric currents producing magnetic field and exerting a force on magnets.It was suggested by Ampere that magnet must also exert equal and opposite force on a current carrying conductor. The direction of current and that of the field perpendicular to each other and found that the force is perpendicular to both of them. The three directions can be illustrated through Fleming's left-hand rule:

"Stretch your forefinger(first finger), the central finger and the thumb of your left hand mutually perpendicular to each other. If the forefinger shows the direction of the field(B) and the central finger that of the current (I), then the thumb will point towards the direction of motion(F)of the conductor.

Fleming's right hand rule (for generators) shows the direction of induced current when a conductor moves in a magnetic field.

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13 years ago

basically remember one thng tht fleming right hand rule is used to calculate the direction of induced current in a conductor whereas the left hand rule is used to determine the direction of force experienced by a current carying conductor while moving in a magnetic field... 

Shubham Aggarwal
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13 years ago

This is a real confusing thing

so use the fleming's right hand palm rule to determine the direction in both the cases

ie. magnetic force & induced emf

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