what is the reason for earth's magnetism???????????????

what is the reason for earth's magnetism???????????????


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13 years ago

Dear anuj,

All magnetic objects produce invisible lines of force that extend between the poles of the object. An easy way to visualize this is to spread iron filings on a sheet of paper and place a bar magnet under the paper. The iron filings will arrange themselves around the magnet and along the magnetic field lines.
In the simplest terms, Earth can be thought of as a dipole (2-pole) magnet. Magnetic field lines radiate between Earth's north and south magnetic poles just as they do between the poles of a bar magnet. Charged particles become trapped on these field lines (just as the iron filings are trapped), forming the magnetosphere.


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Anuj Shrivastava
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13 years ago

but why earth is consider to be a magnetic object??????????

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