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O2 has more discharge potential or OH has more discharge potential???

O2 has more discharge potential or OH has more discharge potential???


3 Answers

25768 Points
one year ago

The two ions that u have asked are actually anions. These will get oxidized at anode during electrolysis.

Here the discharge potential in this case is actually the oxidation potential. The ion having greater oxidation potential will get discharged earlier at the anode.

Taking in view the Standard Oxidation Electrode potential of the ions, it is clearly inferred that OH- have relatively greater oxidation potential than O2-

Therefore, O2- have less discharge potential than OH-

Let me also clarify the hypertalked Electrolysis of H2O. Here, H+ having greater reduction potential is discharged at cathode.. At Anode OH- should be discharged not O2-. But due to ‘overpotential’ O2- is oxidized to O2 not OH-

Vikas TU
14148 Points
one year ago
Dear student 
O2 is bulkier than OH group , so , obviously it will be having less discharge potential than OH group. 
Hope this will clear your doubt. 
Good Luck 
Sai Soumya
99 Points
one year ago
O2 will be discharged.
You can refer to the NCERT book for the elctrode potential series and get an breif idea which will be discharged first

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