Find the number of positive integers 1000 that can be expressed as 2 k − 2 m , where k and m are non-negative integers. How to solve this?

Find the number of positive integers <1000 that can be expressed as 2k2m, where k and m are non-negative integers.

How to solve this?


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tejas naresh patel
40 Points
9 years ago


Akash Kumar Dutta
98 Points
9 years ago

2k-2m=2(k-m)=2a...(a>0)=even number=2,4,6......998
total nos. are=n-1=996/2
                     =>n=499 (ANS)

mohit yadav
54 Points
9 years ago

 the no. of positive int. <1000 are 499.

shiddhant bhattacharya
25 Points
9 years ago

is the ans 500*500?? its given tat 2k-2m<1000 , so k-m<500

now as both k&m are non negative integers, the possibilities of both k & m are from 0 to 499.

so for value of k v have500 possibilities of m

so for 500 values of k v hav 500*500 possibilities of m


hence i think the ans is (500)^2

Adhiraj Mandal
32 Points
9 years ago

dear Siddhant,500*500=2500>1000

Shivam Dimri
43 Points
9 years ago

acording to me the asnwer should be 499

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