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anyone know about srinivasaramanujan discovered formulas please send..

anyone know about srinivasaramanujan discovered formulas please send..

Grade:Upto college level

1 Answers

Adhiraj Mandal
32 Points
8 years ago

Ramanujan''s magic square formula

Today I started to read the Ramanujan biography ( The e-book version, of course. ) The book looks promising. What was it like to communicate with someone gifted with such powerful mathematical insights? I am hoping ( a bit less after every failed try ) for a book that pulls me in that world of it''s own. I have been there before on many occassions, while reading other books of course. Scientologists have a special word for it: exteriorizing.
At a very young age he designed the following formula for a 3 by 3 magic square:

C+Q | A+P | B+R
A+R | B+Q | C+P
B+P | C+R | A+Q

where A,B,C are integers in arithmetic progression and so are P,Q,R.

Try it, it works!

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