If sinx+cosecx =-2 , then valueof Sin n x+cos n x is (n belongs to N) Ans is -2 n plzz explain..

If sinx+cosecx =-2 , then valueof Sinnx+cosnx is (n belongs to N)

Ans is -2n plzz explain..


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Har Simrat Singh
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11 years ago

Hey I dont think the answer is possible 

simple example let n = 2 then sin2x + cos2x which is always equal to one 

How come the answer is -2n because then it will become 22= -4 WRONG

Also for first condition sinx comes to be equal to -1 then cosx = 0 cosecx =-1 and similarly other t ratios 

I think the question might be sinnx+cosecnx = -1n+ -1n = 2x(-1)n 

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