please suggest a book of mathematics to study full iit jee syllabus

please suggest a book of mathematics to study full iit jee syllabus


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Most Comprehensive References List for Serious IIT AspirantsBesides great teachers and/or dedicated Self-Study, the following reference books areinvaluable in helping you master your concepts in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry &Mathematics and crack the IIT-JEE and allied exams. It is made abundantly clear to thereader that any of the above references comprise a maximum of 75% of the requirementof the student for IIT-JEE. In fact, the combined use of all the mentioned references willalso not make up 100% of the requirements. A number of ideas in IIT-JEE are beyondbooks and can be taught only by an experienced teacher. A list of references follows ascompiled by the IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra academic think-tank.Mathematics List of ReferencesIIT-JEE Standard Recommended Books :1. Objective Mathematics (2 Volumes) – Amit Agarwal (Arihant Pr.)2. New Pattern IIT-JEE Mathematics – SK Goyal (Arihant Pr.)3. IIT-JEE Mathematics – ML Khanna (JPNP Publications)4. IIT-JEE Mathematics – Asit Dasgupta (Bharti Bhuvan Publications)5. IIT-JEE Mathematics (5 Volumes) – Arihant Prakashan6. IIT-JEE Mathematics (5 Volumes) – Cengage Learning7. IIT-JEE Mathematics – Tata McGraw Hills PublicationsInternationally Acclaimed Text Books Useful for IIT-JEE :1. Text Book of Algebra – Hall & Knight2. Text Book of Trigonometry – SL Loney3. Text Book of Co-ordinate Geometry – SL Loney4. Problems in Calculus of One Variable – IA Maron (CBS Publishers)5. Problems in High School Mathematics – Prilepko (MIR)6. Problems in Mathematics – Berman (MIR)7. Combinatorics – Chong8. Problems in Elementary Mathematics – Yaglom & Yaglom (MIR)Timeless Classics for all requirements :1. Educative JEE Mathematics – KD Joshi (University Press)2. International Olympiad Problems Series – MAA, Klamkin, Andrescuu & Reiman3. William Lowell Putnam Competition Problems – MAA4. MAA Olympiad Collection (45 Books)5. Springer Books on Problem Solving Strategies – Engels & PolyaPhysics List of References :IIT-JEE Standard Recommended Books :1. Concepts in Physics (Volume -1 & 2) – HC Verma (Bharti Bhuvan Publication)2. NCERT Physics (Std. XI & Std. XII) (4 Volumes)3. Physics for IIT-JEE – Resnick & Halliday (2 Volumes)4. IIT-JEE Physics (6 Volumes) – DC Pandey (Arihant Prakashan)5. IIT-JEE Physics (5 Volumes) – B.M.Sharma (Cengage Learning)6. IIT-JEE Physics (5 Volumes) – Anurag Mishra (Balaji Publishers)7. IIT-JEE Physics (2 Volumes) – GC Agarwal (GRB Publishers)8. IIT-JEE Physics – Gupta & Gupta (JPNP Publishers)9. IIT-JEE Physics(5 Volumes) – DC Gupta (Disha Publications)10. Problems in General Physics – IE Irodov (CBS Publishers)11. Aptitude Problems in Physics – Krotov (CBS Publishers)12. 200 Puzzling Problems in Physics – Gnadig et. al. (Cambridge Univ Press)Internationally Acclaimed Text Books Useful for IIT-JEE :1. Fundamentals of Physics (6th Ed. Onwards) – Resnick & Halliday (Wiley)2. Concepts of Physics (11th Ed.) – Sears, Zemansky & Young (Prentice Hall)3. Fundamentals of Physics – Tipler & Tipler (CBS)4. Text Books on Mechanics & Electromagnetism – Irodov (CBS)5. Introduction to Mechanics – Kleppner & Kolenkow (McGraw Hills)Timeless Classics for all Requirements :1. Course in Theoretical Physics (10 Volumes) – Landau, Liphshitz et. al.2. Berkeley Lectures in Physics (5 Volumes) – Various Authors3. Lectures in Physics (3 Volumes) – Richard P. FeynmanChemistry List of References :IIT-JEE Standard Recommended Books :1. NCERT Text Books (Std. XI & XII) – 4 Volumes2. IIT-JEE Physical Chemistry – Dr. RK Gupta (Arihant Prakashan)3. Essential Physical Chemistry – Rajneesh Shahi (Arihant Prakashan)4. Concepts of Physical Chemistry – P. Bahadur (GRB / Balaji)5. IIT-JEE Physical Chemistry – (2 Volumes) – (Cengage Learning)6. IIT-JEE Physical Chemistry – Anil A. Alawahat (MTG Publishers)7. IIT-JEE Chemistry (3 Volumes) – OP Tandon (GRB Publishers)8. IIT-JEE Inorganic Chemistry – Dipak Joshi (Disha Publishers)9. Inorganic Chemistry for IIT-JEE – JD Lee (Wiley)10. Essential Organic Chemistry – Rajneesh Shahi (Arihant Prakashan)11. IIT-JEE Organic Chemistry – Amit Gupta (Arihant Pr.)12. Organic Chemistry for IIT-JEE – Solomons & Chauhan (Wiley)13. Organic Chemistry for IIT-JEE – Verma (Cengage Learning)14. Organic Chemistry for IIT-JEE – Jagdamba Singh (Pragati)15. Numerical Problems in Chemistry – P. Bahadur (GRB Publc.)16. Problems in Chemistry – Rajneesh Shahi (Arihant Pr.)17. Problems in Chemistry – RC Mukherjee (Bharti Bhuvan)18. Reaction Mechanisms – OP Sanyal (Bharti Bhuvan)Internationally Acclaimed Text Books Useful for IIT-JEE :1. Physical Chemistry (3rd Ed. onwards) – Peter Atkins (Oxford)2. Physical Chemistry – Maron & Prutton (Oxford)3. Physical Chemistry – Bruce H. Mahan (Narosa)4. Physical Chemistry – Behl & Behl (Sultan Chand)6. Inorganic Chemistry – Cotton & Wilkinson (Wiley)7. Organic Chemistry with Study Guide – Morrison & Boyd (Prentice Hall)8. Organic Chemistry with Study Guide – Solomons & Fryhle (Wiley)9. Solved Problems in Organic Chemistry – Schaum Series10. Reaction Mechanisms – Peter Sykes (Orient Blackswan)11. Principles of Chemistry – Seinko & Plane (Addison-Wesley)Timeless Classics for all requirements :1. Nature of the Chemical Bond – Linius Pauling (Prentice Hall)2. Organic Chemistry – Ingold & E.Goud (Addison Wesley)3. Advanced Organic Chemistry – Jerry March (Wiley)Internet References for Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry :1. www.wikipaedia.com2. www.komal.hu3. www.physicsforum.com4. www.maa.orgNB: Top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in India recommend a few of the above booksto their students and complement it with classroom Lecture notes, Assignments, Testsand supplementary exam-oriented books published by the Institute.

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