1 ) The greatest number of 6 digits exactly divisible by 24, 15 and 36 is.

1 ) The greatest number of 6 digits exactly divisible by 24, 15 and 36 is.


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sanatan sharma
26 Points
12 years ago

its 997,920.

Aman Bansal
592 Points
12 years ago

Dear Nithin,

 First of all we will find the LCM of 24,15 and 36,

We will find out the LCM of 24,15 and 36 is 360.

Now, Greatest 6-digit number is 999999.

Now, We will divide this number by LCM, we will get,


Now we will multiply 2777 by LCM i.e. 360, we will get,


Now we will check it out for the numbers we will get,




Therefore It is confirmed that 999720 is the greatest number 6-digit number divisible by 24,15 and 36.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

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7 years ago
First take LCM of 24, 15, 36LCM of these no is 360The greatest 6 digit number is 999999Divide 999999 by 360 - 2777.775Now multiply 2777 by 360 - 999720Now try to divide 999720/24 - 41655Another number is 999720/15 - 66648And also divide number 999720/36 - 27770So it is confirm that greatest 6 digit number 999720 is divisible by 24, 15, 36,

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