Can mode of a number be negative e.i., |x| = -ve

Can mode of a number be negative e.i.,
|x| = -ve


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sanchit sood
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13 years ago


Ritvik Gautam
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13 years ago

No, the modulus function can never give a negative value.


Modulus function is basically,

  • x ,   for x≥0
  • -x ,  for x<0

which means if i put x= -5 ... then according to the above definations

the value of the function would be





Hence, a modulus can never return a negative value.


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Mir Noaman Ali IIT-Roorkee
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13 years ago

modulus of a real number is definied as its distance from the origin ... as distance can never be negative ..MODULUS OF A NUMBER CAN NEVER BE NEGATIVE ... PLEASE APPROVE MY ANSWER

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