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First find the minimum value of the equation f(x) = y^2 - 4y + 11


Minimum value = -D/4a   where D is discriminant and  a is cofficient of y^2


a = 1   and D = b^2 - 4ac  =  16 - 44  = -28


So minimum value  -D/4a =  28/4  =  7 


Now ...Lim  x-->0   [   7sinx/x ] 


Sinx/x  is always less than 1....and is always positive....   for case of  x---> 0


If you will draw the graph of sinx and x superimposed on each other....then for x>0   line x is above the ration of sinx/x is always less than 1 and positive ..

and in similar fashion for x<0    x i below the  sinx ..but

it simply means at every point  ...x is something like  -5  and sinx as something like  -0.5 ...

so again when you take ratio ...sinx/x will be positive coz negative sign will be canceled out..and ratio will come out to be less than 1.


So   6  < 7 sinx/x  < 7   for case ...x-->0+ or 0-


so  [ 7sinx/x]  = 6   answere



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