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Can you please advice me some tips to improve and quicken my calculations?

Can you please advice me some tips to improve and quicken my calculations?


2 Answers

Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
357 Points
11 years ago

Dear Deeksha,

The opnly solution to ur problem is practise alot .. the more you will practise, more u will be able to calculate quickly.. So devote much time in practising the problems and see the change in yourself ..


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We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.


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Vijay Luxmi

swapnil sudhir
31 Points
11 years ago

Dear Deeksha,

As vijay Laxmi tell you that by practising a lot we can fasten our calculations but some simple tricks are also used in math such as learn the square roots from 1 to 50 as it is very helpful in solving calculations. Along with this you can try to solve out a book named "M.L.KHANNA" specially for mathematics and it is my promise to you that you will feel a drastic change in yourself after doing that book.


Thank you,

With due regards,


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