Integration of (sin2x-cos2x)dx = 1/2 1/2 sin(2x-a)+b, then find a & b

Integration of (sin2x-cos2x)dx = 1/21/2  sin(2x-a)+b, then find a & b


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5 years ago
Please find attached,  , comparing when both sides given ehlp in most of the problems and is also the eay way to find the unkown
i tried attaching image but i cant, so i will explain it and if not understood plz ask again,
integrate sin2x and cos2x sepratley i.e integrate lhs
after that use exapnsion of sin(x+y) and then compare the lhs and rhs to get a=135 and b=C i.e any contant term.
hope this helps you.

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