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Dear  ASK  IItians,

A real querry , please.

In  Function of a Complex Variable, from his book Advanced Calculus, ( Schaum's  Outline series) the authors write  :  " Complex function theory is one of the most aesthetically pleasing constructions in all of mathematics "   (  page 394, Hill Edition 2005 )

AND,  Dr. B S  Grewal in Higher Engineering Maths.     says  on page 630 ,2005 edition,  says about the  MILNE-THOMPSON method to HARMONIC FUNCTIONS  :  "   this provides an ELEGANT method of finding f(z) when its real or imaginary part is given "

Sir,  I can pick up the concepts of Complex analysis by self-study   . It needs understanding & a bit of practice .  BUT  can you please enlighten
me about how  to  OBSERVE  for myself , these  AESTHETIC  and  ELEGANT points in  Complex Analysis.

Do you have courses in the  ASTHETIC APPRECIATION  of  Higher Maths.    just as there are film appreciation courses and music appreciation
classes, in the big cities of INDIA.

Any work done on MUSIC  and its effect in learning maths.    I used to know some IIT types who did maths with classical music on in the room.

How many problems must one solve on ones own to declare oneself a master of the topic.  BETTER TO TEACH IT TO SOMWONE, ypu may replly-----but I live in a village in the Himalayans   ;  who is interested in Complex Analysis   and  advanced Calculus in rural, village INDIA---
actually not India,  its BHARAT

With best wishes.


9 years ago

Answers : (1)

bhanuveer danduboyina
95 Points

Complex nos is related with geometry and needs more imagination and so concentrate on it

9 years ago
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