sin (tan -1 x)/1 + x 2 please solve the above question

sin (tan-1 x)/1 + x2

please solve the above question



6 Answers

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
420 Points
13 years ago

dear Shinoy

put tan-1x = t

(1/1+x2)dx =dt

put this

integral becomes ∫sint dt = -cost + C

                                  = -cos(tan-1x) + C   Answer


All the best.




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aditya suman
39 Points
13 years ago

put tan-1x=t

then , dt/dx=1/1+x2

dt=dx/1+x2                _1

now ,sintdx/1+xusing 1

=sintdt=-cost +c=-cos(tan-1x)+c

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points
13 years ago

 I=(sintan-1x) /1+x2

put tan-1x =t

   differentiating wrt x

1/1+x2 dx =dt

I=sintdt=-cost + c

  =-costan-1x + c

arvind ramesh
32 Points
13 years ago

sub tan-1x as t....dt is 1/1+x^2 dx =>intg sint dt =>ans.= -cos(tan-1x)+c;

rajan jha
49 Points
13 years ago

let (tan-1 x)=t


then dt/dxsqrt()=1/1 + x2

then the integration becomes

 sin(t)dt =-cos(t)

=-cos((tan-1 x))

=-cos(sec-1sqrt(1 + x2))

= -cos(cos-1sqrt(1/1+x2))


hence the answer

like my answer?

Souradeep Majumder
80 Points
13 years ago

put tan-1x =z..  then sin-1x dx =dz.  thaen it is in the form integration sinzdz and ans is -cosz+c put z=tan-1x and you will find the value  -cos(tan-1x)+c.


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