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Grade: 12

Respected sir,

I have gone through the diffrential calculus chapter and was able to get the jist of differential calculus as rate measurer but i am not able to do the same with integral.

I can learn the formula and also understand that area defination of it but still  I am unsatisfied.

I would be really pleased if I am helped out in this case.

Aviral Anurag Tripathi

Arryabhatta B atch


10 years ago

Answers : (3)

rahul kumar sharma
14 Points


10 years ago
askiitian expert akshay singh
8 Points

hi aviral,

  ur problem is very obvious ,many students find integral difficult to tackle as compared to differential.Its so because u have a definite set of formulas and a set approach to solve derivatives but on the other hand integral requires a wider intellect.Learning formulas is not gonna help u in jee as such,so try to solve problems.From jee point of view definite integrals are much more important than go through previous years jee problems from definite and then practice few forms.

  Let me make clear in jee question asked from definite will not be a known form,it may be like an expression:I1+4I2 or a direct substitution.Generally problems asked in jee can be solved using direct substitutions and f(x)=f(a+b-x).These two things will help u the most while solving definite integrals.Then problems regarding areas are also important for that u should very well know the area definition of definite integrals and graphs of functions,its a easy topic which can help u score in jee.


  So do onething,there is no need to learn all formulas unnecessarily,just go through previous years jee questions and practice problems from books, requiring direct substitution .Once u get the feel of substitutions then integral calculus will be all done very easily.




10 years ago
karan gupta
18 Points

i think ,its necessary to get through the previous years iitpapers on this topic.....its helping me also.

10 years ago
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