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Grade: 12th pass


With the help of relevant diagrams explain why the order of shielding ability of orbitals is s > p > d > f .

3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ravleen Kaur
askIITians Faculty
1451 Points
							Hello Student,

Shielding refers to the core electrons repelling the outer rings and thus lowering the 1:1 ratio. Hence, the nucleus has "less grip" on the outer electrons and are shielded from them. Electrons that have greater penetration can get closer to the nucleus and effectively block out the charge from electrons that have less proximity. For example,Zeff is calculated by subtracting the magnitude of shielding from the total nuclear charge. The value ofZeff will provide information on how much of a charge an electron actually experiences.

Because the order of electron penetration from greatest to least is s, p, d, f; the order of the amount of shielding done is also in the order s, p, d, f.

Since the 2s electron has more density near the nucleus of an atom than a 2p electron, it is said to shield the 2p electron from the full effective charge of the nucleus. Therefore the 2p electron feels a lesser effect of the positively charged nucleus of the atom due to the shielding ability of the electrons closer to the nucleus than itself, (i.e. 2s electron).

The effective nuclear charge of an atom is given by the equation:



Zis the atomic number (number of protons in nucleus) and
S is the shielding constant560-746_r3.PNG
2 years ago
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