why solid nacl is bad conductor and in aquoes solution nacl is good conductor

why solid nacl is bad conductor and  in aquoes  solution nacl is good conductor


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Aditya Raj
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8 years ago
Solid NaCl is bad conductor because in solid state NaCl has no free electron but if we dissolve NaCl in water then it dissocate into ions which cause it conduct electricity in aquoes solution.
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5 years ago
See the NaCl molecule is an ionic compound ,so,due to the strong electrostatic force between the Na(positive ion) and Cl(negative ion) as a result their is no free electrons in the compound in solid state but in liquid state(molten or aqueous),I mean when dissolved in water the water molecules break the NaCl molecules into ions due to the uneven charge distribution and in molten state when the compound is strongly heated the electrostatic force of attraction between them reduces,hence breaking it into Na+ and Cl-,that's why NaCl (solid ) is not an electrolyte

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