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Why s shell has more screening effect or shielding effect as compare to other shell p d f

Why s shell has more screening effect or shielding effect as compare to other shell p d f


2 Answers

Vasanth SR
askIITians Faculty 1323 Points
4 years ago
shielding effectis the reduction in effective nuclear charge onelectron clouddue to differences in attraction between electrons and nucleus. It depends on many factors like size of atom, charge density, orbitals involved, effective nucleus charge. Size ofsandporbitals are very lesser thandandf, due to those electrons of d and f orbitals are spread in a large area and thus there are less effective shielding or poor shielding. structures of orbitals are also responsible for that.
Ravleen Kaur
askIITians Faculty 1452 Points
3 years ago
Hello student,

The shape and closeness towards the nucleus is the best answer for the same:

s orbital is spherical in shape and nearest to the nucleus.

p orbital is dumb-bell shaped and comes next to s orbital.

d orbital is double dumb-bell shaped and comes after p orbital.

f orbital has diffused shape and exists next to d orbital.

Since, shielding effect is defined as a reduction in the effective nuclear chargeon the electron cloud, due to a difference in the attraction forces of the electrons on nucleus.

Since, atomic shielding depends on electron density in a shell and electron density is very less for d and f shells, hence it has poor shielding effect as compared to s and p shells.

Shielding effect order : s> p> d> f> g> u

All the Best

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