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Syed Tannaz Grade: 11
Why heavy water is not suitable for bathing?my question overseas here, but as per the requirement,
one year ago

Answers : (2)

meda vishnu charan
35 Points
heavy water does not form foam so it will not clean the dirt and also heavy water contains some carbonates like calcium and magnesium .and we can remove the hardness of water by adding slaked lime and also adding the washing soda etc
one year ago
g v subba reddy
56 Points
due to the presence of carbonates of calcium and magnesium the heavy water thus does not form foam with soapwe can remove hardness by using calgons process
(NaPO3)6  trade name is calgon
Calgon ionizes to give a complex anion: The addition of Calgon to hard water causes the calcium and magnesium ions of hard water to displace sodium ions from the anion of Calgon.
one year ago
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