why chlorine has high electron affinity than fluorine

why chlorine has high electron affinity than fluorine

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Pulwasha Khan
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8 years ago
electron affinity is energy release or obsorbed when electron is added to an atom.chlorine is bigger in size with greater electron repulsion then flurine  so, high energy is required to overcome the  repulsion b/w electrons.moreever E.A also depends upon neucler charge ,and N.charge of chlorine is high then flurine so high energy is required against N.attraction duo to  these reasons chlorine has high E.A while flurine has low E.A.
Amogh Dabholkar
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8 years ago
Size of Chlorine is much more than that of Flourine. so the negative charge is dispersed in chlorine but it remains concentratted in flourine and thus the charge density is massive.
so even though it has highest e.n. , the massive charge density preventst the additon of electrons and thus electron affinity is less. order is chlorine>flourine>bromine>iodine.
this same phenomena also occurs in group 16
their E.A. order is sulphur>selenium>tellurium>oxygen

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