why carbonyl is although a neutral ligand but still it behaves as a strong ligand

why carbonyl is although a neutral ligand but still it behaves as a strong ligand

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due to backbonding phenomena metal carbon bond is strengther thus making it a strong ligand

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Metal carbonylsarecoordination complexesoftransition metalswithcarbon monoxideligands. They occur as neutral complexes, as positively charged metal carbonyl cations or as negatively charged metal carbonylates. The carbon monoxide ligand may be bound terminally to a single metal atom or bridging to two or more metal atoms. These complexes may behomoleptic, that is containing only COligands, such asnickel carbonyl(Ni(CO)4), but more commonly metal carbonyls are heteroleptic and contain a mixture of ligands.

Metal carbonyls are useful in organic synthesis and as catalysts or catalyst precursors in homogeneous catalysis, such ashydroformylationand Reppe chemistry. In theMond process, nickel carbonyl is used to produce pure nickel. In organometallic chemistry, metal carbonyls serve as precursors for the preparation of other organometalic complexes.

Metal carbonyls are toxic by skin contact, inhalation or ingestion, in part because of their ability to carbonylate hemoglobin to givecarboxyhemoglobin, which prevents the binding of O2

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