Why BF3 is less stronger than BCl3 ????????????????????????????

Why BF3 is less stronger than BCl3 ????????????????????????????


3 Answers

Taral Jain
39 Points
6 years ago
Due to effective back bonding BF3 is a weak acid. You should to clear your concept of back bonding. The best book for INORGANIC is JD LEE
Umakant biswal
5349 Points
6 years ago
in boron hallides , there is certrain degree of pi bonding involving halogen lone pairs ad empty 2p orbitals of boron , the bonding is strongest in the case of bf3 , and when a boron hallide accept the electron from a donor molecule , this bonding is lost , due to this bf3 resist this changes strongly . 
Avi Tiwari
34 Points
6 years ago
The empty 2p orbital orbital of boron overlaps more effectively wit the filled 2p orbital of fluorine thus availability of lp reduces and B thirst for electron reduces thus acidity reduces called as p pi p pi back Cl 3p orbitals dontbdo the same due to large energy diff B/W 2p of boron and 3p of Cl...back binding is ineffective ....

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