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Grade: 12


Why acidity of dioxide of group 16 increased from bottom to top

11 months ago

Answers : (3)

Vikas TU
12133 Points
Dear student 
The dioxide molecules contain pπ–pπ bonds which become weaker with increase in atomic number because, increase in atomic no. increases size along a group and hence there occurs an increase in the bond length and so the reducing character decreases down the group.
 Due to presence of d-orbitals(vacant) sulphur can extend its co valency and show oxidation states till +6, which is stable in sulphur (eg: SF6). Hence it acts as a reducing agent, and now the character decreases down the group because of decrease in strength of the pπ–pπ bonds while, unlike sulphur Te cannot show +6 oxidation state as it is highly unstable due to inert pair effect. Therefore there can only be a decrease in it oxidation state (it can decrease to -2, +2 etc.
Hence, TeO2 acts as oxidizing agent.
11 months ago
24738 Points
							All group 16 elements form oxides of the type EO2 and EO3 Reducing character of dioxides decreases down the group. Acidity also decreases down the group. ... Because in water due to the small size and high electronegativity of O, strong hydrogen bonding is present there.
11 months ago
Usama Zubair
17 Points
because the size of atom is decrease from bottom to top therefore the electronegitivity increase so the power of attraction is also increase so therefore the acidity of halogens increase from bottom to top
8 months ago
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