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which of the alkali metal has lowest ionic mobility under electric field

which of the alkali metal has lowest  ionic mobility under electric field

Grade:12th pass

4 Answers

Shlok Agrawal
31 Points
4 years ago
as u have mentioned no options i assume  this question is from neet 2017 paper , the answer to this is LITHIUM..
28 Points
4 years ago
Li+ being smallest, has maximum charge density . Li+ is most heavily hydrated among all alkali metal ions. Effective size of Li+ in aq solution is therefore, largestand therefore moves slowest under electric field.
Shlok Agrawal
31 Points
4 years ago
Yes lithium is correct ans.. Challenge that question..
its answer is given wrong in neet answer key.. lithium being smallest is hydrated most . Thus attains very large size in aq. State thus moves slowest
Suman Rk
11 Points
4 years ago
In the answer key Rb is given as the answer. I think that is because under electric field the alkali metal ions are not hydrated as H+ and OH- ions move towards positive and negative electrode. So Rb (among the others) having the largest size has least mobility

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