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which is least ionic: AgCl b. KCl c. BaCl 2 d.CaCl 2

which is least ionic:
  1. AgCl   b. KCl   c. BaCl2   d.CaCl2

Grade:12th pass

10 Answers

13 Points
6 years ago
c – BaCl2 because it has more charge density per unit volume and therefore by FAJAN’s rule it is most covalent and least ionic
1698 Points
6 years ago
​d) CaCl2
for maximum ionic char there are some conditions
1- low charge
2- large size of cation ans small size of anion
approve if useful
mansi dabriwal
29 Points
6 years ago
but ans. given in the book is AgCl
1698 Points
6 years ago
may be wrong answer but remember conditions that i have maentioned above it will be very helpful
u r doing bitsat book i advice you to do chapterwise questions with time limit and check ur answers after attemting all questions in suufficient time and then analyse on ur mistakes or ask doubtts on askiitians
approve if useful
mansi dabriwal
29 Points
6 years ago
thank you 
11 Points
4 years ago
Ans is agcl because it has the least covalent character. Cacl2 has the highest covalent character followed by kcl and then bacl2 and then agcl
21 Points
3 years ago
ALL OTHER COMPOUND ARE SHOWING INERT PAIR EFFECT WHILE AgCl does not show this effect.The ques is also there in my package also and here also ans is given A so you don`t have to worry wrong answer
Naresh k d
15 Points
2 years ago
K,Ca,ba alakli and alkali earth metals ,so these having more capacity to form the ionic bonds,Ag is transition metal so these having least ionic nature
Anusha gowda
15 Points
one year ago
Ag-d block element & rest belongs to s-block(k,Ba,Ca).as we move from left to right in periodic table ionic character decreases , similarly moving from top to bottom it increases out of these Agcl is less ionic (more ionic is Cacl2,Kcl, Bacl2,Agcl).
Advait Athavale
13 Points
one month ago
If the anion in ionic compounds is same, then the compound with highest melting point will have highest ionic character but the  compound having least Melting point would be less ionic compound.                                                                                                                In the question, AgCl  has the least Melting point which is  455 C ,  hence AgCl is the least ionic from the given compunds
Hence answer is AgCl

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