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sushmitha Grade: 11
Which has  the lowest boiling point HBr , HCl, HI, HF and tell a trick to find how to know the bowling points
one year ago

Answers : (4)

Chandrahas Chandu
34 Points
										Boiling point depends upon the inter molecular forces influencing the boiling point such as hydrogen bonding, Vaanderwaals forces etc.Here HF has highest boiling point because of  hydrogen bonding (attributed by the bond between highly electronegetive fluorine and hydrogen)
one year ago
25 Points
Then HBr has lowest boiling point because Be has less electronegativity compared to other 3, am I right ??
one year ago
Suraj Singh
148 Points
										HCl has least boiling point among hydrides  of halogens..  As boiling point is directly proportional to wan der waal forces which is directly proportional to mass of the molecules but here HF forms intermolecular hydrogen bonding due to which it`s boiling point is maximum...  Hope U like it
one year ago
Nabeel Ashfaq
38 Points
HCl has least boiling point due to weak intermolecular forces.While HF has highest boiling point due to strong intermolecular forces. 
7 months ago
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