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Grade: 12th pass
which d orbitals out of 5 d orbitals involved in sp3d3 hybridization and why?
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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The sp3d3 hybridization has a pentagonal bipyramidal geometry i.e., five bonds in a plane, one bond above the plane and one below it.


So to achieve such geometry we need to choose orbitals in such a way such that five of them are in one plane and two in planes perpendicular to it

We have one s orbital – s   

three p orbitals – px py pz

and five d orbitals – dxy dyz dxz dx2-y2 dz2

The only possible combination in which 5 are in a plane and 2 above it is

s pppdxy dx2-y2 dz2

in which s px py dxy dx2-y2 are in xy plane and pz and dz2 perpendicular to it.

So the d orbitals being used are dxy dx2-y2 dz

one year ago
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