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Grade: 12


What is the order of acidic and basic strength of hydrides and oxides in periodic table

one year ago

Answers : (3)

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In group 15, the hydrides of the formula XH3 have a lone pair on the central atom. As we go down the group, size of the atom increases. And hence, ELECTRON DENSITY OVER THE GROUP 15 ELEMENT DECREASES. That's why the tendency to donate electrons decreases, hence basicity decreases down the group.
one year ago
Vikas TU
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In gaseous state, hydogen hallides are covalent. However in aq. solution, they ionise and behave as acids.
From down the group, bond length increases and bond energy decreases. Due to that removal of proton is very easy.
Higher the bond dissociation energy, lower is its degree of ionisation and hence, weaker is the acid. 
Down the group, reactivity increases as electrons are easily lost due to increase in size and weak nuclear pull, experienced in Valence orbitals. Hence they readily react, forming compounds.
one year ago
Usama Zubair
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From left to right on the periodic table, acid-base character of oxides and hydroxides go from basic to acidic.

  • Increasing charge on an anion increases the production of basic solutions.
  • As electronegativity increase, production of ionic cations increases because elements are more able to adopt a cation.
  • As ionization energy increases, the acidic nature increases.
9 months ago
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