What is the maximum value of power factor and when does it occur

What is the maximum value of power factor and when does it occur


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Vikas TU
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5 years ago
 Power factor is the cosphi
where phi is phase angle of ac source.
And for maximum value the cosphi should be maximum too.
Therefore, phi should be equal to 0. Hence, at phi = 0 in pure resistance voltage ac circuit it would be maximum.
Kulapradip Patowary
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5 years ago
As cos θ → 1, its maximum possible value, θ → 0 and so Q → 0, as the load becomes less reactive and more purely resistive]. Decreasing the Power Factor: As the power factor decreases, the ratio of real power to apparent power also decreases, as the angle θ increases and reactive power increases.
Sarasij Basu Mallick
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5 years ago
in an ac circuit the cosine of the phase angle is called powerfactor.
we have average power = (Irms)*(Vrms)*(cos of phase angle)
the max value of  phase angle is phase angle = 0
in this condition the resonense in ac circuit is done.
so in resonating frequency we have the maximum value of power factor
utpal raj
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5 years ago
hiiii Rb
 the maximum value of power factor signifies that how much factor of coming power is consumed or delivered , we represent it by cosphi, where phi is the angle between voltage and inductive current or capacitive current , 
value of cos phi lies between 0 to 1 so , maximum value can be 1 which means all power is consumed , it is possible in resistive load where phi is 0. 
hope it clears …. please aproove 
good luck

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