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Grade: 12th pass
What is macrocyclic ligand ? Give the answer only for 1marks.also give one example.
7 days ago

Answers : (2)

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A macrocyclic ligand is a macrocycle with a ring size of at least nine (including all hetero atoms) and three or more donor sites.
Hope it helps.
7 days ago
Vikas TU
9107 Points
Dear student 
Coordination chemists study macrocycles with three or more potential donor atoms in rings of greater than nine atoms as these compounds often have strong and specific binding with metals. This property of coordinating macrocyclic molecules is the macrocyclic effect.
The macrocylic effect says that a macrocyclic ligand complex is more stable than its open chain analogue.
Some typical macrocyclic ligands are the cyclic amine compounds.
6 days ago
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